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G-Luckey is an engineering consulting firm, offer fermentation process, corn wet milling service in starch sugar manufacturing industry. We have many cases for fructose, glucose, erythritol, allulose, xylitol, sorbitol production line.​

The starch sugar production technology of G-Luckey is the international leading double enzyme sugar production technology which absorbed imported technology. It has many advantages such as fully automatic operation, stable process control, high product quality, high yield of finished products, less consumption of raw and auxiliary materials and less pollution to the environment. The specific performance is as follows.

  1. The DCS operating system from Honeywell, USA is used for fully automatic control of the production line, with smooth control of process parameters, high production continuity, excellent and stable product quality, low labor intensity of workers and low workshop occupancy, showing a high level of technology.

  2. Starch emulsion liquefaction adopts self-developed three-way high-pressure steam jet liquefier, which can liquefy materials evenly and have good protein flocculation effect; the concentration of liquefied starch milk is high (33% for domestic advanced level, 37% for G-Luckey technology), which can save a lot of auxiliary material consumption and reduce production cost; the liquefied liquid has light color and high filtration performance, and the consumption of activated carbon in subsequent decolorization process is small (12 kg/ton of crystalline sugar for domestic advanced level, 3 kg/ton for G-Luckey technology); the jet liquefier itself is small in size and light in weight, and the structure is simple and smooth. (12kg/ton of crystalline sugar for carbon consumption, 3kg/ton of crystalline sugar for G-Luckey technology); small size, light weight, simple structure, smooth appearance, long service life without maintenance of the jet liquefier itself.

  3. Precoated vacuum drum filter technology greatly can improve the filtering efficiency, improve the production environment and eliminate the trouble of disassembling the plate and frame.

  4. Ion exchange realized the automatic preparation of acid and alkali solution, completely avoid the harm of acid and alkali to the operator.

  5. Four-effect vacuum concentration adopts unique automatic control mode to realize unmanned operation.

  6. The crystallization process is controlled by automatic program, the crystallization process is stable, the cooling curve is controlled accurately, the crystallization rate is high (52% of the domestic advanced level, 56% for the G-luckey technology), the crystal shape is good, the grain size is uniform.

  7. Advanced unique boiling fluidized bed drying system automatic control, the product is not polluted, low water, long-term storage does not agglomerate.

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