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Energy Saving

Hebei Luckey Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd (G-Luckey) has many corn deep processing technicists, more than ten years, deep study into starch, starch sugar (sweeteners), and fermentation industry production energy-saving technology.  The crystallized maltose production line of Jiangsu Aogu Biological Co., LTD., which is provided by G- Luckey with the overall energy solution, has been completed. At the current industry level, usually consume 1.9 tons of raw steam, 190 degrees of electricity, and 140 tons of 30℃ circulating cooling water to produce one ton of commercial crystallized maltose with starch milk as raw material. Aogu's production line consumes only 235 degrees of electricity, no need for steam, auxiliary boilers, and no cooling towers for circulating cooling water. 

To satisfy your desire for energy saving and efficiency increasing, we can offer energy-saving consulting services at a low price for corn deep processing production enterprises with starch, sugar, and fermenting products, help you to develop and optimize the complete energy use and energy-saving plan, and provide corresponding technical services. 

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