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20,000 TPY xylitol production line & 5000 TPY of refined xylose production line- An Yang YuXin

G-Luckey has undertaken the design task of 20000 TPY of xylitol production line and 5000 TPY of refined xylose production line of Anyang Yuxin Xylitol Co., Ltd. In the xylitol production line, advanced low-pressure hydrogenation technology, evaporation and crystallization co-production technology have been used, which greatly reduced the energy consumption and equipment investment of xylitol production. After the production line is completed and put into use, the steam consumption of xylitol per ton is no more than 1.6 tons, the power consumption is less than 90 degrees, and the yield of finished products is more than 95%.It is far better than the average level of the industry.

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