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Pre-coated Vacuum Drum Filter


The pre-coated vacuum drum filter is generally used for continuous filtration of viscous impurities in starch sugar manufacturing industry. Its advantages are thorough separation of impurities, fast filtration speed, small loss of sugar liquid, low labor intensity, and good working environment. Its disadvantages are that it needs to consume diatomite filter aid, and power consumption is slightly higher than plate-and-frame filter press.  According to the material condition, production scale and product grade, and many other factors to consider the comprehensive use of pre-coated vacuum drum filter or plate frame filter press.  As the saccharification liquid in the starch sugar industry contains a large amount of insoluble protein, it is difficult to filter by the plate-and-frame filter press, and the fast rise of filtration pressure leads to frequent disassembly, so the filter of saccharification liquid is very suitable to use the pre-coated vacuum drum filter.


During filtration, the filter aid in the tank under vacuum suction, a desired thickness of pre-coating is formed on the outer surface of the drum, and then the slurry to be filtered is injected. Under the action of vacuum suction, the separated filtrate passes through the pre-coating and the press cloth and is discharged through the suction pipe, the liquid collecting pipe, and the gas-liquid separator.  The solid particles in the slurry are trapped by the pre-coating and are scraped off by the automatic feeding scraper together with the filter aid surface layer.  When the residual thickness of the pre-coating is about 10mm, it needs to be precoated again for the next working cycle.


The pre-coated vacuum drum filter developed by G- Luckey, a reasonable optimization design is carried out on the scraper, an automatic clutch device of advance and retreat knife and vacuum distribution tube in the drum, so that the soil hanging is even, the diatomite consumption is less and the operation is convenient.  The total installed power of the pre-coated vacuum drum filter developed by G- Luckey is low and saves electricity obviously during operation.  50㎡ model operating vacuum pump is 30KW, hanging earth vacuum pump is 37KW;  The operating vacuum pump of 30㎡ models is 18.5kW, and the hanging vacuum pump is 22KW.

G-Luckey is an engineering consulting firm, offer fermentation process, corn wet milling service in starch sugar manufacturing industry. We have many cases for fructose, glucose, erythritol, allulose, xylitol, sorbitol production line.

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