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MVR Transformation

MVR Evaporator

MVR evaporator is a special mechanical heat pump evaporation system, it directly uses the secondary water vapor continuously produced by the evaporator as a heat conductor, the heat conduction agent is discharged directly after compression and condensation without reflux to the low-temperature evaporation heat absorber, therefore, the heat exchanger of the low-temperature evaporation heat absorber and the heat exchanger of the high-temperature condensation heat release can be combined into one heat exchanger, and borrowed the evaporator's heater as the combined heat exchanger. In this way, the MVR evaporator is equivalent to a heat pump unit "use water as a heat conduction agent, a combined heat exchanger with the heat exchanger of the evaporator as the heat absorber of low-temperature evaporation and a high temperature condensing exotherme”.The evaporator evaporation process does not consume energy, heating steam after the material evaporation out of secondary steam, a large amount of this energy enters into the secondary vapor through natural conduction.

Because the common evaporator can not reuse the energy (latent heat) in the secondary steam, it is forced to continuously add external steam to the heating chamber as the energy to maintain the evaporation operation. The MVR evaporator forms a heat pump system, the energy in the secondary stream can be transported back to the evaporator as the energy needed for the material to evaporate the secondary steam, thus the continuous operation of evaporation can be maintained without the addition of external steam. This is why an MVR evaporator can save energy, why not consume external steam.

MVR evaporator can generally do the evaporation of a ton of water without the consumption of steam, only 20 ~ 25 degrees of electricity consumption. After more than 5 years of effort, the localization of G- Luckey’s steam compressor (MVR) has achieved great success. We can supply three-flow steam compressors and automatic control systems, help you to transform the existing operating multi-effect evaporator into an MVR evaporator, to help you achieve energy conservation and efficiency.

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