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MVR Evaporator



1 Industrial wastewater
2 Environmental protection salt containing wastewater
3 Landfill leachate Chemical industry

4 Pharmaceutical wastewater
5 The production of salt containing wastewater
6 Chemical products concentrated or crystallization
7 Starch sugar manufacturing industry

8 Sugar, milk, extraction of glucose and amino acids concentration etc.


working principle

The vapor generated by the evaporator, acting as a mechanical heat compressor (similar to a blower), rises the temperature by 5-8℃ and returns to be the heat source for the evaporator. Fresh steam is only used for the supplement of the heat loss and the enthalpy of the input and output, thus greatly reduced the consumption of fresh steam from the evaporator. PLC can be adopted for automation control.



1 Low steam consumption which is less than 0.05 ton for evaporation of per ton water.
2 Low cooling water and vacuum pump ring water consumption.
3 Relatively high electricity consumption and cost.


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