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Industrial Heat Pump

MVR Evaporator

Heat pumps should be called energy pumps or energy pump units, that is, to promote energy transfer equipment or units.  In the state of nature, energy is always transmitted from a hot object to a cold object.  If we want to transfer energy from a cold object to a hot object, we can do it through an energy pump called a heat pump.  The heat pump can transfer the energy in the low temperature with worthless energy (or waste heat source) to the high-temperature object and become useful energy, to realize energy saving.


Ground source heat pump and water source heat pump have been widely used in winter heating, and industrial heat pump energy-saving technology is just starting, Hebei Luckey Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd (G-Luckey) can customize industrial heat pump energy-saving unit for you, help you to achieve energy-saving and increase revenues.

G-Luckey is an engineering consulting firm, offer fermentation process, corn wet milling service in starch sugar manufacturing industry. We have many cases for fructose, glucose, erythritol, allulose, xylitol, sorbitol production line.

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