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1. Preparation

The starch milk from starch plant is fed into liquefaction PH adjustment tank measurably , Hcl and CaCl2 are added to the PH value a part of the α-starch enzyme is adding to the tank at the same time


2. Liquefaction

Adjusted starch milk is pumped to 1st.jet cooker to have the liquefaction ,after the flush evaporation cooling ,it is sent into liquefaction tanks ,then the temperature is been cooling to 60℃ before  goes to the Saccharification unit

3. Saccharification 

After the regulation of temperature and PH value ,the hydrolysate has the saccharification with the help of enzyme

4. Fermentaion

The saccharified solution is sent to fermentation tank to have the fermentation done with yeast

5. Distilling 

Sent the mash after fermentation to alcohol distilling tank to get alcohol

6. Treatment of mash liquid 

The less liquid goes through centrifugal separation ,evaporation concentration ,mixed drying with bran to get wheat DDGS

7. Waste water treatment 

The waste water is mainly the cooling water of evaporator which reaches the standard of discharge after anaerobic treatment

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