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Crystalline Fructose

1. Blending

Mix the F55 syrup with the reflux hydrosol from centrifuge separation and hot process water to adjust the concentration to about 60%

The concentrate-adjusted syrup is sent to the chromatography separation (SSMB) system. The fructose content of the extract part is not less than 99%. The raffinate part reflux to the existing F55 production line

3. F99 syrup concentration
Part of the water will be removed from the syrup and finally the concentration of the discharge syrup from the evaporation system DS75~80%

4. Vacuum evaporating pre-crystallizing
F99 high fructose enters vacuum evaporating crystallizing tank, the soluble fructose volume keeps decreasing as the water is being evaporated. The insoluble part will be crystallized from the syrup, the crystallizing ratio reaches a certain value when the evaporating is finished

5. Cooling crystallizing
The product from the evaporation crystallizer is put into the horizontal crystallizer, then slowly cooled down to a certain temperature, the fructose crystals will grow to bigger particles, and the final crystallizing rate could reach a certain figure

6. Centrifuge separating
Crystallized massecuite enters the separator, the high purity crystals will be kept in the basket of the centrifuge separator, the soluble fructose and small amount of miscellaneous will be discharged from the separator and used as mother liquor which will reflux back to blending tank

7. Drying
The separated crystalline fructose still has 1~2% moisture, which should be decreased below 0.1% for product standard and longtime storage, vibrating fluid bed drying and cooling machine is used for drying the crystalline fructose.

8. Packing
Automatic packing as per market requirement.


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