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Corn starch.jpg

Corn Starch

Corn clearning and storage


Corn steep concentration

Corn Liquor

1st degermination milling

1st germ separation

2nd degermination milling

2nd germ separation

Fine milling

Germ washing

Germ dewatering

Germ drying


Fiber washing

Fiber dewatering

Fiber drying

Fiber feed

Crude starch purification

Gluten preliminary separation

Gluten concentration

Gluten dewatering


Gluten drying

Starch refining

Starch dewatering

Starch drying


The processing technology :
•Corn receiving and storage section
•Corn soaking section
•Sulphurous acid preparation
•Corn milling and sieving section
•Germ and fiber separation section
•Starch refinery and drying
•Germ and fiber dewatering and drying 
•Corn steep liquor evaporation 
•After the above process, corn has been to main product starch, and by-product germ, fiber feed, and gluten.
Technology Advancement:
•(1)High total yield rate: It can reach 98.5%;
•(2)Less freshwater consumption, less wastewater Discharged;
•(3)Corn Steep Liquor uses a vacuum falling film evaporating system, which is a highly efficient 3 effects falling film evaporator,  including the waste heat recovery system to reach less steam consumption and cost. The condensate is recovered and reused too, all indirect heating steam will be recycled to maximally decrease steam consumption.

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