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Chromatography Separation Unit


Chromatography separation technology is suitable for separating high value-added products in starch sugar manufacturing industry, especially the products that are difficult to be separated by conventional physical or chemical methods. Like the separation of sugar and glucose, xylose mother liquor separation, the separation of xylose and arabinose to improve the yield of xylose, not suitable for low value-added products.

working principle

We use F42 HFCS to make F90 HFCS as an example to describe how chromatography separation works:

The sugar composition of F42 HFCS is about 42% fructose, 54% glucose, and 4% other sugars.

When the F42 fructose syrup access from the top of the calcium chromatography separation of resin column, due to the adsorptive and tractive effect of resin on sugar, sugar flows out of the bottom of the column slightly slower than water. The adsorption and traction strength of resin on different sugars were different, fructose’s traction strength is greater than the glucose, therefore, glucose was the main component in the earliest effluents from the chromatographic column, after a while, fructose comes out.

At a certain time, use water to replace F42 HFCS to access from the top of the calcium chromatography separation of resin column, collect the bottom of the column effluent at intervals, we can get different sugar syrup, the glucose-based syrup is returned to isomerization, fructose-based syrup send to evaporation and concentration, then can get F90 high fructose syrup.


1. Simulation of moving bed chromatographic separation device, can be continuously produced

2. Several chromatographic separation columns are arranged in a straight line, the pneumatic valve is controlled by computer program to realize time-lapse operation, low costs.

3. Customized service, installation and debugging one-stop service.

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