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2023 Shanghai International Starch Expo
June 19-21, 2023
Booth No: 71M60

Hebei Luckey Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to visit our booth No.: 71M60

Fermentation Expo 2022

The Shanghai International Starch Exhibition (Starch Expo), hosted by the China Starch Industry Association, focuses on the theme of "Optimizing Structure, Green Manufacturing, and Innovative Development," upgrading the exhibition scale and grasping industry trends to showcase new trade opportunities for the starch manufacturing industry to high-quality exhibitors and audiences worldwide.

Starch Expo is deeply integrated with concurrent food series exhibitions, connecting the food industry chain of starch, potato, healthy raw materials, food ingredients, health and nutrition products, food processing and packaging, etc., with a total exhibition area of 140,000 square meters, gathering 1,800 well-known exhibitors from home and abroad, attracting 64,176 professional buyers to attend.

As a large-scale and professional starch industry event in the Asia-Pacific region, the Shanghai International Starch Exhibition (Starch Expo) invited more than one hundred exhibitors, including COFCO Group, Huao Starch, Tianshan Xuema Potato, Juneng Golden Corn, Fuyang Biological Technology, Walcorn Starch, Hebei Xinhua Agriculture, Meichen Machinery Manufacturing, PerkinElmer, Mainland Group, Navicat Electromechanical, Pacific Environmental Protection, Origin Environment, New Hongying Bioengineering, Jiangbei Machinery, Beidahuang Group, Juneng Machinery, Shanhong Food Machinery, BOSIDA Technology, Ning'an Grain and Oil Starch Machinery, Guangzhong Separation Machinery, TDC Technology, and Shanghai Zhaoguang, showcasing a wide range of starch raw materials, modified starch, starch sugar, potato staple products, starch processing and supporting equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc., providing a one-stop purchasing platform for visitors from home and abroad.

biological fermentation Exhibition

2023 Shanghai International Starch Exhibition - Product Range:

Various starches: potato, corn, cassava, sweet potato, wheat, rice, peas, mung beans, lotus roots, acorn and taro starch, etc.

Modified starches: modified starches for food, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical, construction, petroleum, etc.

Starch sugars: sugar alcohols, functional oligosaccharides, glucose, beer syrup, fruit glucose, maltose syrup, maltodextrin, new sweeteners.

Potato staple food products: potato steamed buns, noodles, bread, rice noodles, and creative foods.

Starch processing and supporting equipment: complete sets of starch processing equipment, supporting equipment, cleaning, drying, crushing, mixing, dehydration, concentration, crystallization, filtration, separation, and other related equipment.

Environmental protection equipment: water and wastewater treatment sedimentation, separation equipment, evaporation and crystallization, membrane and filtration equipment, and others.

Waste Heat Recovery

2023 Shanghai International Starch Exhibition - Venue Information:

Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center

Venue area: 500,000 square meters

Venue address: No. 333, Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China.

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